F&F Productions Goes Mobile with Gepco Cables

Leading Live Television Production Company Installs Gepco
Throughout New Mobile Unit


F&F Productions, a leader in the live television production industry for nearly 30 years, recently rolled out its newest mobile production unit. The GTX-14, a 53-foot High Definition Expando was furnished wall-to-wall with state-of-the-art equipment connected with cables provided by Gepco® International F&F Productions has used its latest mobile unit to cover some of the country’s most widely viewed events, including 2005 SEC College A Football games and several College Bowl games. Additionally, the truck is currently being utilized for the NCAA Basketball package and will serve as the game truck for the 2006 Final Four on CBS.

When it came to focusing on connectivity for the 53-foot Expando, Bill McKechney, vice president of engineering for F&F Productions, immediately reached out to Gepco to meet the unit’s cabling requirements. “Gepco provides superior products and service to the broadcast industry,” McKechney stated. “We’ve been using Gepco products for more than 15 years and have never had any problems with its consistency and integrity. Utilizing top-of-the-line equipment from manufacturers like Gepco ensures that we will be able to offer our customers the unparalleled level of excellence they have come to expect from F&F Productions. Plans are currently underway for our fourth mobile unit, and I’m certain that we will once again look to Gepco for our cabling needs.”

For installation in its latest unit, F&F Productions purchased from Gepco: 61801EZ single-pair audio cables, VDM230 miniature SDI Coax cables, VS10230 10-channel HD Coax Snake, LVT61859 Triax, GA72412GFC 12-pair Gep-Flex multi-pair, VPM2000 High Definition Coax, BNC connectors and Neutrik XLRs. This gear is being utilized in conjunction with 12 Ikegami High Definition cameras (with wiring for 18), a Grass Valley Kalypso digital production switcher, Grass Valley Trinix router, EVS HD Spot Box XT with Kalypso interface, a Yamaha PM 1D digital audio board for both AES and analog audio, an AJA Upconverter for HD, in addition to the long list of high-tech equipment featured in the 53-foot Expando.

Gepco products used by F&F Productions include: 61801EZ Single-pair Audio Cables; VDM230 Miniature SDI Coax Cables; VS10230 10-channel HD Coax Snake; LVT61859 Triax; GA72412GFC 12-pair Gep-Flex Multi-pair; and VPM2000 High Definition Coax.

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