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GTX - 12 Mobile Unit

Inspired design built with innovation in mind.

Welcome to GTX-12

Single expandable A unit capable of producing Native 1080i, 720p, 24p, 30p, this unit can run as a single unit, however, it has a B unit for the bigger events.

Key Features:

Switcher: Grass Valley Kayenne Classic
Audio Board: Calrec Artemis Beam Digital Console V8 w/High Density Blue Fin2
Cameras: Ikegami HDK-79EC HD Native Multi-Format CMOS Camera
Replay: EVS XT2+ 6-Channel LSM

GTX-12 Specs Request a Quote

GTX-12 Mobile Unit – Specifications

High Definition・53’ Single Expando・ Multi-Format (Native 1080i, 720p, 24p, 30p)

Video Production

Grass Valley HD Kayenne Elite K Frame Switcher

96 Inputs / 48 Outputs / 4.5 Mix Effects

(6) Downstream Keyers per M/E

FlexiKey Programmable Clean Feed

12 iDPM / 4 eDPM / 4 Chroma Keys per Full M/E


Grass Valley K2 Summit 4-Channel Clip Store

Grass Valley Jupiter Grass Valley Trinix 256x256 HD/SDI Router

32 GB Still Store

(1) 4 Channel EVS XT3 Spot Box w/ Interface & Lance Controller


(3) EVS XT2+ 6-Channel LSM

(1) EVS XT2+ 4-Channel LSM

(2) DNF Slow Motion Controllers

(1) EVS X-File 3 Archive Station

(1) EVS Sports Net2 Hub

(2) Panasonic AJ-HD1700 DVCPro

(1) Ikegami GF-Cam Deck

(4) DVD SD Recorder/Players

*Upon Request  EVS IP Director Package


Chyron HyperX3 w/ Keyboard

Cameras & Accessories

(12) Sony HDC  1500 Multi-Format Camera

(7) Sony HDLA Lens Adapters

(12) HDFX/TX Triax to SMPTE Converters

(7) Vinten VECTOR 700 Panhead & Heavy Duty Tripods

(3) Vinten Dolly Wheels for Hard Cameras

(2) Studio Build-Up Kits for Handheld Cameras

(1) Panasonic Varicam ENG Camera (DVCPro 720p)

(4) Fujinon 101x8.9 Studio/Field w/stabilization

(3) Fujinon 87x9.3 Studio/Field w/stabilization

(3) Fujinon 22x7.8 ENG/EFP Handheld Lenses

(2) Fujinon 13X4.5 ENG/EFP Wide Angle Lenses

Mobile Unit Wired For 18 Cameras


(8) Sennheiser ME 67MP Shotgun Mics

(5) Sennheiser MKH 416-P48 10" Shotgun Mics

(1) Sennheiser MKE 44-P Stereo Mic

(5) Sennheiser MD 46 Mics

(2) Sennheiser MKH 70 Mics

(6) Electro-Voice 635A Stick Mics

(7) Sony ECM 77B Lavalier Mics

(6) Fostex 6301N Throwdown Speakers

Production Monitor Wall

Evertz VIP Routing & Multi-Image Display

(15) 32” HD LCD Monitors 16:9

(3) 37” HD LCD Monitors 16:9

(3) 42” HD LCD Monitors 16:9

External Monitors/Converters

(8) 12” HD LCD Field Monitors 16:9

(3) 20” HD LCD Field Monitors 16:9

(2) 25” HD LCD Field Monitors 16:9

(6) Rattlers - ST Fiber to HD/SDI

(4) HD/SDI to HDMI Converter


Evertz Master Timecode Generator

Black Magic 72x72 RouterCM-3000 Control System

Grass Valley Concerto 224x224 Stereo Router

96x96 AES Audio

128x128 Analog Audio

(24) Benchmark Stereo Analog DA’s

(8) Benchmark 4-Channel AES DA’s

(2) Cobalt HD Color Corrector

(5) ForA 5-Channel HD Color Correctors/Frame Sync

(6) AJA FS1 Frame Synchronizer/Converter

(5) AJA FS2 Frame Synchronizer/Converter

(16) AJA SDI-HD Up Converter/Frame Sync

(90) AJA HD-SDI Down Converter

(1) DSS Receiver

QAM Digital Demodulator

(2) Evertz 16-Channel Embedders


RTS Adam 112x112 Matrix

(10) RTS KP 32 Keypanel

(9) RTS KP 12 Keypanel

(16) IFB Channels

(24) RTS BP-325 Dual Channel Programmable Beltpack

(15) RTS 4030 IFB Beltpack

(4) RTS TIF 2000 Digital Telephone Interface

(1) Phone System (12 Lines)

(3) QKT

(4) Ringdown Circuits

(6) Motorola 2-Way Radios w/ 2 Base Stations

(20) Single Muff Headsets

(14) Double Muff Headsets

(20) Lightweight Headsets

(6) Sennheiser HMD-25 Announcer Headsets

(6) Daltech Talkback Boxes

(2) RTS Telex SPK 300

Fiber Booth Kit

Telecast Adder II

(64) Configurable Audio Channels

(4) Data Channels (Bi-directional 4 x 16)

Telecast Viper II

(6) HD/SDI

(1) Analog NTSC



Calrec Artemis Beam Digital Console V8 w/High Density Blue Fin2

(56) Faders w/ Hydra2

LCD Bar Graph and VU Metering

MADI Interface – 2-Streams

64x64 AES Audio

Dual Processor Engines

Yamaha SPX2000 Multi-Effects Processor

(2) Rane Audio Delays

(3) dbx 166 XL Compressors

(1) dbx 1046 Quad Compressors

(2) 360 Systems DigiCart II w/ ZipDrives

(1) CD Player

(10) AES DA

(1) DTS Neural Loudness Meter

(2) DTS Neural Upmix Decoders

(2) DTS Neural Downmix Encoders

(2) DTS Neural Mono to Stereo 4-Channel Synthesizers

Genelec 5.1 Surround Sound Monitoring

DK Stereo Surround Audio Display

*Upon Request  96 Channel Hydra Stage Box



(2) Lowell Light Kits w/ 4 Instruments each


5000’ Triax

3000’ DT 12 Audio Mults

2000’ Coax Video (Various Lengths)

2500’ Single Audio (Various Lengths)

5-Pair Coax Mults (Various Lengths)

10-Pair Coax Mults (Various Lengths)

Power Requirements


208 Volt

400 Amps

200 Amp Environmental

200 Amp Technical

Maximum Distance From Power Panel: 150’

Dimensions (Expanded)

W/ Tractor: 74’ L x 13’6” H x 13’5” W

W/O Tractor: 56’ L x 13’6” H x 13’5” W

Working Footprint: +5’ Around

Expands: Curb Side

B-Unit (Optional Upon Request)

W/ Tractor: 71’ L x 13’6” H x 8’6” W

W/O Tractor: 53’ L x 13’6” H x 8’6” W

Working Footprint: +5’ Around

Closed Captioning Device Telestrator

*Upon Request

Closed Captioning Device


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