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GTX - 18 Mobile Unit

A history of legendary performances for our clients.

Welcome to GTX-18

Double expandable A & B unit that can produce 4K HDR, 1080p HDR, 1080p, 1080i, 720p and PAL out of one unit. 

Key Features:

Switcher: Grass Valley Elite K-Frame
Audio Board: Calrec Apollo Surround Sound Console w/Bluefin2
Cameras: Sony HDC 4300 fully unlocked for 4K
Replay: EVS XT4K 12 channel machines

GTX-18 Specs Request a Quote

GTX-18 Technical Specifications

4K/High Definition・ 53’ Double Expando・ Multi-Format (Native 4K, 1080p, 1080i, 720p)

Video Production

Grass Valley HD Kayenne Elite K-Frame Switcher

192 Inputs / 96 Outputs / 9 Mix Effects

(6) Downstream Keyers per M/E

FlexiKey Programmable Clean Feed

12 iDPM / 4 eDPM / 4 Chroma Keys per Full M/E


Grass Valley K2 Summit 4-Channel Clip Store

Evertz 576x1134 w/ Xlink HD Router

32 GB Still Store

KSP 1 M/E Soft Panel GUI

(1) EVS XS Spot Box w/ Interface & Lance Controller


(4) EVS XT4K 12-Channel LSM (w/ SSMO Option)

(2) DNF Slow Motion Controllers

(2) EVS XFile 3 Archive Station    

(2) EVS XHub3

(2) EVS IP Director Package 

(1) EVS C-Cast Agent

(1) Sony HDW-2000 HDCAM

(2) Panasonic AJ-HD1800 DVCPro

(8) KiPro Ultra Plus w/ 16 1TB Drives

(4) Black Magic 4K Video Assist w/ Dual 

SD Card & USB Thumb Drive Recorder

(4) DVD SD Recorder/Players


*Upon Request

Cameras & Accessories

4K Software w/ HDR Unlocked on all cameras

(14) Sony HDC 4300L Multi-Format Camera Fiber Operation Only*

(2) Sony HDCP-43 POV Camera Fiber Operation Only*

4 Point Star Filters & Variable Speed Shutter Available

(8) Sony HDLA Lens Adapter

(8) Vinten VECTOR 750 Panhead & Heavy Duty Tripods

(3) Vinten Dolly Wheels for Hard Cameras

(4) Studio Build-Up Kits for Handheld Cameras

(3) Fujinon 4k 14x4.5 Wide Angle Lenses

(5) Fujinon 4K 18x5.5 Lenses

(1) Fujinon 4K 22x7.8  Handheld Lenses

(8) Fujinon 4K 107x8.4 Studio w/ Stabilization

Mobile Unit Wired For 24 Cameras


(14) Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Mics

(2) Sennheiser MKE 44-P Stereo Mic

(6) Sennheiser MD 46 Stick Mics

(2) Sennheiser MKH 70 Shotgun Mics

(6) Sony ECM 77B Lavalier Mics

Production Monitor Wall

Evertz VIP-X Routing & Multi-Image Display

(18) 31” Custom Boland 4K Monitors 4096x2160

External Monitors/Converters

(5) 12” HD LCD Field Monitors 16:9

(2) 15.6” 4K Color Monitors

(4) 17” HD LCD Field Monitors 16:9

(2) 23.8” 4K Color Monitors 

(17) Rattlers - ST Fiber to HD/SDI

(4) HD/SDI to HDMI Converter


(2) Evertz Master Sync and Timecode Generator with 4K 

Evertz Changeover

Evertz Digital Time Displays

Evertz 560x1134 w/ Xlink HD Router

(20) Evertz 7814 UDX DualPath Frame Sync

(5) AJA FS2 Frame Synchronizer/Converter

4K/3G/HD Up/Down/Cross

(1) Cobalt HD Color Corrector

(1) ForA 5-Channel HD Color Correctors/Frame Sync

(1) DSS Receiver

Video Shading

Sony 30” BVMX 300-2 Monitor

(3) Sony OLED BVME171 monitors w/HDR

(3) Tektronix 4K WFM/Vector Scopes

(1) Tektronix 3G WFM/Vector Scopes (in engineering)


RTS Adam 144x144 Matrix

(1) 64-Channel MADI Card

(16) IFB Channels

(18) RTS KP 32 Keypanel

(12) RTS KP 12 Keypanel

(15) RTS 4030 IFB Beltpack

(25) RTS BP-325 Dual Channel Programmable Beltpack

(4) RTS TIF 2000 Digital Telephone Interface

(1) Phone System (12 Lines)

(3) QKT

(4) Ringdown Circuits

(6) Motorola 2-Way Radios w/ 2 Base Stations

(15) Single Mu Headsets

(10) Double Muff Headsets

(20) Lightweight Headsets

(6) Sennheiser HMD-25 Announcer Headsets

(6) Daltech Talkback Boxes

(2) RTS Telex SPK 300

Fiber Booth Kit

Calrec Hydra

32x32 Audio

4x10 HD/SDI

(2) KP Ports 

(2) 10/100/1G-LAN

(2) Router Controls


(2) Lowell Light Kits w/ 4 Instruments each


Calrec Apollo Digital Console w/Bluefin2

(72) Faders w/ Hydra2

LCD Bar Graph and VU Metering

MADI Interface – 2-Streams

128x128 AES Audio

128x128 Analog Audio

Dual Processor Engines

Yamaha SPX2000 Multi-Effects Processor

Rane Audio Delays dbx 166 XL Compressors

(2) dbx 1046 Quad Compressors

(1) 360 Systems Digicart/E Ethernet Audio Recorders w/ SD Card

(1) 360 Systems Digicart/E Ethernet Audio Recorders w/ Zip Drive

ENCO EDAD Digital Audio Server

(1) CD Player

(1) DTS Neural Loudness Meter

(2) DTS Neural Upmix Decoders

(2) DTS Neural Downmix Encoders

(2) DTS Neural Mono to Stereo 4-Channel Synthesizers

Genelec 5.1 Surround Sound Monitoring

DK Stereo Surround Audio Display

RTW Stereo Surround Audio Display

(20) Embedders / De-embedders

*Upon Request 96 Channel Hydra Stage Box


15000’ SMPTE

3000’ DT 12 Audio Mults

2000’ Coax Video (Various Lengths)

1500’ Single Mode Tac 12

5-Pair Coax Mults (Various Lengths)

10-Pair Coax Mults (Various Lengths)

Power Requirements


208 Volt

400 Amps

200 Amp Environmental

200 Amp Technical

Maximum Distance From Power Panel: 150’

A-Unit Dimensions (Expanded)

W/ Tractor: 74’ L x 13’6” H x 16’ W

W/O Tractor: 56’ L x 13’6” H x 16’ W

Working Footprint: +5’ Around

Expands: Curb Side

B-Unit Dimensions

W/ Tractor: 73’ L x 13’6” H x 8’6” W

W/O Tractor: 55’ L x 13’6” H x 8’6” W

Working Footprint: +5’ Around

Closed Captioning Device Telestrator

*Upon Request

Closed Captioning Device


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