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B - Units

Welcome to B-Units

There’s always the potential to need more room to work. With our dedicated B units, we are able to provide the additional equipment & space needed to be sure your event is a success. Inquire regarding our B units today!

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GTX B Unit – Specifications

Custom Configured to Support

Graphics Outboard

Non-Linear Editing

Audio Sub Mix

EVS Expansion

Announcer / Voice Over


Fiber Distribution

Production Office


Equipment/Set Storage and Transport

FRONT (37.5′ x 8′)

(4) 8′ x 22′ Console Work Stations

Assorted Video Monitoring (con"gurable)

Intercom Stations and Hot Speakers

Audio Monitoring

REAR (14′ x 8′)

Liftgate (5,500lb capacity, 8′ wide)

(1) 8′ x 26′ Console Workstation (Driverside)

(1) 8′ x 21′ Console Workstation (Curbside)

Assorted Video Monitoring (configurable)

Audio Monitoring


Video and Audio I/O

6 Ton HVAC

Power Requirements

3 phase, 208-240 Volt, 100 Amps per leg min.

Max distance from power panel: 150′


W/ Tractor: 71′ L x 13’6″ H x 8’6″ W

W/O Tractor: 53′ Long

Working Footprint: +5′ around

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